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the "Goliath Light" model" price: 450 Euro
comes without "DI" output and without Bypass switch)

NEW 2021:
all Goliath models can now be equipped with an adjustable headphone output.

Surcharge 40 €
(please indicate this when ordering)

Goliatrh Light
picture shows the Goliath "Light"

Goliath Phones
New 2021: adjustable headphone output.
Surcharge 40 €
(please indicate this when ordering)




WR Goliath Tube Bass Empasizer "Light"

The Goliath "Light" is an exciting new development for bass players wanting the richer, enhanced tonality associated with tubes. This innovative design uses specialised, limited availability, low voltage tubes to create wonderful tone in a limited-edition, 100% hand-built unit.
No bass pedal board should be without one!

Equally effective across the range, from low-level to LOUD, the quality of the sound is consistently high, allowing the same amazing sound on stage as achieved in the studio.


  • The Goliath "Light" is a low voltage (12 Volt DC) tube pre-amplifier created especially for Bass Guitars. But we have also had impressive results with Hammond organs! Whatever you play, try the Goliath, it might give you the sound you've been looking for.“

  • The Goliath "Light" was created as a way of adding the warm harmonic sounds associated with the use of tubes to set-ups using solid-state amplifiers: to ‘push-up’ the sound.

  • This unit is powered by a 12 Volt DC power supply. This special feature of this pre-amp ensures user safety because there is no high voltage on interior or exterior components.

  • The Goliath "Light" has been designed to give the best results: a great sound from a robust and easy to use product. The construction methods and components used are selected only for their high quality and the positive effects they contribute.  

  • The Goliath "Light" is not a mass-produced product. The components are carefully checked, and then each unit is assembled individually, using point-to-point (hand soldered) connections.

  • All these steps combine to create a limited edition, hand-built pre-amp of the highest quality that will enhance the sound of any bass guitar setup. 


  • The Goliath "Light" allows you to get the warm harmonic sound of an electron tube (ECC86), combined with a little more compression and, if necessary, a higher output volume (controlled by the Sensitive switch).

  • The "Tone controls" Treble, Middle and Bass allow you to have a good overall sound control, with a good basic Bass sound.
    The output sound is created by the combination of the settings of all three controls: the frequencies affected by each control are changed somewhat by the settings of the other controls.

  • The "Sensitive Potentiometer" the sensitive input-gain potentiometer continuously controls the input gain.

  • The "Deep switch" includes or excludes a capacitor from the circuit.
    This increases and slightly changes the Bass frequency.

  • The use of 12 Volt power supply ensures the safety of the user:  there is no possibility of high voltage electric shocks.

  • All components are individually selected and are carefully checked before installation.

 Respected Bass player said:

  • "This unit gives me a warm harmonic sound a little more compression and the dynamic range over all frequencies of the WR Goliath "Light" is amazing I won’t play without it, it gives a pure sound to my 'solid state' amplifier and even improves the sound of my tube amplifier! The effect is natural and subtle. If you take the Goliath away, that’s when you really notice the difference!"

  • "I used the Goliath directly while playing a gig and was enthused from the first moment. Visual appearance and haptics speak for themselves, touching the controls and switches you feel the quality.
    The effect itself is subtle but striking. Your fellow musicians may not notice the difference if the Goliath ist switched on or off, but the playing experience for me as a bass player ist beyond comparison,
    the whole range of frequencies is "gleaming" and the tone is enhanced with a warmth and depth you only get - not using the Goliath - with first-class tube-amps. From now on, the gadget is always plugged in"


Download the WR Goliath "Light" manual


picture shows the WR Goliath "Light"

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